The Steradian Trail

Book #0 of the Infinity Cycle

‘A beautifully written, stylish novel . . . a gripping mystery’

Apostolos Doxiadis, New York Times Bestselling Author of Logicomix

‘A gripping novel . . . a pacey thriller . . . An enjoyable read . . . An impressive debut!’

Guillermo Martínez, International Bestselling Author of The Oxford Murders


They don’t come better than Divya. ‘Uber-smart’ does not even begin to describe it. And even a single-digit All-India rank in everything is nothing more than a left-handed demonstration of the kind of stuff she is made of. But the limits of her prowess are suddenly tested when her professor, Lakshman, springs a bizarre new assignment on her - helping out Joshua Ezekiel.

A world-renowned computer scientist at MIT, Joshua is now in India and in deep, deep trouble. A criminal genius who happens to be his former student is brutally murdered, leaving Joshua trapped in the mess and mayhem that follow.

With Lakshman and Divya firmly on his side, Joshua begins digging up his crooked protégé’s sinister trail of secrets—secrets which spiral out of an ancient Indian city and unleash shockwaves much, much, beyond ...

A mind-blowing cocktail of science and religion, mythology and technology, history and human greed, The Steradian Trail fires the starting shot of an explosive new series in style.

‘Expertly weaves the multiple threads of its plot . . . into a captivating whole.’

Apostolos Doxiadis
New York Times Bestselling Author of Logicomix