"A beautifully written, stylish novel . . . a gripping mystery"

"Expertly weaves the multiple threads of its plot . . . into a captivating whole."

Apostolos Doxiadis

Multi-award Winning Author of International Bestsellers Logicomix and Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture

"A gripping novel . . . a pacey thriller. . . . An enjoyable read from the very first chapter, the kind of book you cannot stop reading till the end. An impressive debut!"

Guillermo Martínez

Multi-award Winning Author of International Bestsellers The Oxford Murders and The Book of Murder

"It is really nice to know that an alumnus of IIT is penning a book. It makes me feel joyous that the book is on mathematics and that, too, in a novel form to make it more interesting. . . . A fast-paced mystery-thriller, the book beautifully links the ancient and the modern to keep the readers thoroughly absorbed. . . . It brings out the fascinating power of maths and its history and the unique role played by religion and culture in the most entertaining and enjoyable fashion. India has had a rich tradition in mathematics since Aryabhatt’s era."

Anand Kumar

Founder - Super 30

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"Wow! . . . was helluva reading delight . . . Believe me, this could be the best thriller you would've read by an Indian . . . Highly recommended!"

A reader on Goodreads


Media Reviews

"An edge-of-the-seat thriller . . . explosive, Robin Cook-style novel . . . keep(s) readers guessing till the last page."

The New Indian Express


"A racy high-octane novel that needs to be read without too many interruptions."

The Hindu Literary Review


"An intelligently written thriller"



"Science, religion and crime - the perfect ingredients for a mystery thriller. Mix them with a tinge of Dan Brown's satire and Sherlock Holmes' subtle humour, and what you get is a fast-paced read called The Steradian Trail. . . . (the author) must have grilled his grey cells to invent such a page-turner."

The New Indian Express


"A Pacey, Juicy Thrill Ride on Science, Culture and Crime"

VIRSA The Culture, Hong Kong

"Makes for an engrossing read! . . . I would recommend this book to one & all as it is humourous & has mystery & lots of drama."

Storizen Magazine


"This book is one of a kind and should definitely be read by all."

Metro India


"Do give this gripping, fast-paced first novel a read."


"A fascinating read"

Analytics India Magazine


"The mystery unravels in such a way that you just cannot keep the book down. I was even reading it while walking from the metro to the lift."

Metro Reader


"Has succeeded in creating an intelligent thriller with Indian historical elements. Mystery and thriller fans shouldn't miss this one."

Literary Grand Rounds


"If you're looking for a story on a completely new, unexplored subject, a simple, light yet engrossing thriller, go ahead and read 'The Steradian Trail'. . . . Go, grab it!”"



"Despite getting absolutely no time because of work commitments, I picked this book up as my saturday night read and I just couldn't stop reading it till I finished it. . . . make sure you spend some uninterrupted 8-10 hours with it. It would not fail to impress you, I can vouch for that."

Yatin Gupta


"If you love thrillers, get ready for an exciting journey of suspense filled, mathematics, science, mythology and religion oriented thriller spread over 356 pages. . . . go ahead and grab The Steradian Trail."

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"An intelligently written thriller and a refreshing change"

Thriller Writing Help


"The book is in action from the first chapter itself. . . . It is an out and out thriller . . . which kept me hooked to the book and my chair till the end."

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